/Gymnastics is one of my favourite sports

Gymnastics is one of my favourite sports

Gymnastics ensures healthy physical and mental development at a later age. Every day we receive children who are older than 4 years and who lag behind children who are much younger in terms of flexibility, flexibility and muscle development. Often they are also completely unaware of their body and dare to try less because they find it scary.

Their limits have already been formed and they have not been in touch with exercise at a young age. They have never really been introduced to the acquisition of skills that strengthen their balance, coordination and motor skills. In gymnastics, children learn so much more than just making a head roll.

Gym Class at School

Years ago it was still natural for children to be able to apply the basic skills associated with gymnastics in their daily living patterns. Nowadays, gymnastics is something that children get at school, but hardly gets any attention outside of school. In most schools, children only receive gym lessons from the age of 5 from a professional gym teacher. And then it is often in large groups, which makes it difficult to really learn technology and attitude.

Children should already lay the foundation for exercise at a very young age. Children around 10 months of age learn quickly and easily because they still have to shape their limits, are flexible and flexible and develop muscle strength and body awareness quickly. They also want to try everything and they are full of energy!

Starting early with this type of activity provides an effective way of moving, and is therefore safer. At a later age, they take the skills that children acquire at a young age by taking part in gymnastic lessons everywhere they go. Whether they play hockey, swimming, gymnastics or football or in the playground or on the beach; From a young age as a child at the gym increases the chance that children will feel comfortable, have more self-confidence and adopt a sporty lifestyle and thus form a basis for a successful future!

Gymnastics for Children Naturally Abroad

A large part of our members belong to the “expats” group. More than 60% are expats, especially at the centers in Amsterdam and The Hague. The number of members of our centers abroad is also huge compared to the centers in the Netherlands. Simply because gym is part of daily life there. Is your child around 10 months old? Then you start moving!

In addition to the lead in the motor field, group exercise at a young age is also very valuable. Then the foundation is laid for their social development and the development of self-confidence in social interaction with other children and in larger groups.

Children around the age of 1 see themselves as the center of their own universe; they live in their own world. And even though they often recognize other children around them, peers don’t really influence how they behave and how they function.

As soon as they get closer to their second year of life, they get more social interaction with other children. By participating in social activities in groups, the foundation is laid for social interaction at a later age. Mirroring and playing in parallel are important terms that come back during our lessons.

The best way to enhance their social experiences is by offering children many opportunities to interact with peers, by being an example as a parent in sharing behavior and positive social interaction and, above all, by keeping your own expectations realistic.

So take your child with you to the gym. Do not underestimate its value. Enjoy that weekly moment of quality time and watch them grow!