/Stephen Curry: ‘I Can Keep This Up for the Foreseeable Future’

Stephen Curry: ‘I Can Keep This Up for the Foreseeable Future’

Don’t expect Stephen Curry to slow down anytime soon.

The 30-year-old, two-time League MVP says he can keep playing at his current level “for the foreseeable future.”

Curry watched from up-close as Father Time caught up with his pops Dell in the final days of his own NBA career, and he’s determined to avoid a similar fate for as long as possible.


“I was never the most explosive athletic, high-speed guard,” Curry says. “I had a lot of shiftiness and change-of-speed and all that stuff. That’s something I can keep for a very long time as well. In terms of just having the ball in my hands and making plays and being a threat and what not, some six years from now, if I really have to evolve my game into something else, then I’d be able to figure it out. At this rate I’m going, I can keep this up for the foreseeable future, for sure.”

Back at the Warriors’ facility, Curry’s eyes are fixed ahead, across the practice courts, on a specific banner — not from the past two seasons, but from 2014-15. In that NBA MVP season and the next, Curry shook the league with scintillating, video-game highlights that often bordered on the surreal. Those seasons were historic, and whatever he does going forward will have the misfortune of living up to them. This much Curry knows. And when he discusses all this, he does it not with anger, but a tinge of annoyance.

“Yeah, I didn’t average 30 points a game last year,” Curry says, “but I was proud as hell of myself in terms of how I was able to balance everything that needed to happen for us to win another championship. That’s gonna be the same expectation going forward this year.”

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