/Jimmy Butler ‘Loves’ When Timberwolves Fans Boo Him

Jimmy Butler ‘Loves’ When Timberwolves Fans Boo Him

Amid the ongoing Jimmy Butler saga in Minnesota, the All-Star forward was greeted with boos in the team’s home opener on Friday night.

His response? Dropping 33 points on 12 shots to lead the Wolves to a 131-123 victory over Cleveland.

Afterwards, Butler told reporters that he is loving the treatment from the fans. The boos quickly turned to cheers when Jimmy started hooping.

“I’m telling you, I love it,” he said. “I think people kind of love to hate me sometimes. Say whatever you want to say, but it really makes me smile…No matter what you got to respect my effort. You may not like me, that’s OK. As long as you know that my mind and my heart is in the right place and that I do everything to win and I’ll do anything for my guys. I’m cool.”

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