/Ingram, Rondo, Paul ejected during Rockets-Lakers brawl

Ingram, Rondo, Paul ejected during Rockets-Lakers brawl

Fireworks were expected during the Los Angeles Lakers’ home opener, but not in a way that involved multiple players fighting.

Brandon Ingram, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul were all ejected during the fourth quarter of Saturday’s Rockets-Lakers contest after an altercation featured players swinging and shoving.

Ingram was seen shoving James Harden during a dead ball. Moments later Paul’s finger was in the face of Rondo and the two began throwing punches. During the scram, Ingram came flying in to throw a punch at Paul. Per ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Paul says his reaction stemmed from Rondo spitting in his face.

ESPN also reports potential suspensions could come down as early as Sunday.

NBA.com will have more on this shortly.